Stress Reduction Vacation

Leave your stress behind.  LITERALLY.

What makes this "Stress Reduction Vacation" different from just any stress reduction program is that we offer permanent change from old patterns and behaviors that cause stress.  Our specially designed program puts the body back in balance through healing chi kung; equalizes thoughts and reality with meditation practice that goes to the core of what "real meditation" does for mind, body and spirit.  We travel to high energy locations of ancestors like Xochicalco and actually connect with the spiritual energy through ceremony.  More than just a cultural happening, you will actually have a personal cleansing in the magical waters of Las Estacas.  Joining nature's forces with dance, song and music, your true self will become actualized, opening to natural bio-rhythms found in nature.  The ceremonial Temazcal returning to the womb of Mother Earth renews life itself while cleansing both body and soul of long held toxins. Every experience then becomes an awakening and through awareness stress dissipates and vanishes.  Life is renewed so when you return home and resume everyday routines, there is no place for stress to reside.  Truly a transformational week that is forever, your "Stress Reduction Vacation" will last a lifetime.